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What Are Health Navigation Systems (HNS)?

Health Navigation Systems are smart platforms that assist you in optimizing your healthy lifestyle choices in domains such as sleep, diet and disease-prevention. An HNS is a compass for health choices! Trying to diagnose your sleep problems and then pick from the 1000's of potential solutions available? You need a sleep-focused Health Navigation System! DeepSleep, our poineering HNS product for sleep combines a broad biometric monitoring platform, an AI-driven diagnostic and recommendation system, and a community-tested product catalog to produce personalized sleep solution guidance.

DeepSpan HNS Technology

Deep Biometric Sensor Platforms

Broad multi-sensor platform automates the collection of health data from multiple sources

AI-Based Health Evaluation

Health data sources combine into "healthprint" patterns which are analyzed and compared

Personalized Recommendations

Custom health analysis and recommendations lead to more accurate, personalized solutions

Community-Sourced Efficacy

Community solution trials enable efficacy comparisons with those of similar healthprints

DeepSpan Products

About the DeepSpan Team

At DeepSpan Health we've helped invent and develop the underpinnings of todays advanced consumer IOT and biometric technologies. Now we're marshalling our expertise to address your health as we create the world's first Health Navigation Systems! Dr. Bill Mitchell, founder, led pioneering product development teams in smartwatches, smartphones, pen-computing, and food-and-beverage robotics at both fortune 100 and startup companies. Now Bill and the diverse and talented DeepSpan team are eagerly building solutions to help you improve your health!

DeepSpan Team

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